Typescript or Javascript for your React project

The easy and quick answer is that larger projects with team members benefits from using Typescript, while Javascript has a lower learning curve making it suitable for smaller projects. Typescript has better performance and better built in support for debugging at compile time.

Introduction to TypeScript and JavaScript with React

  • React, a popular JavaScript library for building web applications, can be used with either JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • TypeScript, an open-source language developed by Microsoft in 2012, builds upon JavaScript, providing additional features for easier and error-free coding.
  • JavaScript is a dynamic language for creating interactive web content, used in various domains like server-side, mobile app, and game development.

Understanding React

  • React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, popular among platforms like Facebook and Netflix.
  • Known for its simplicity, dynamic web app development capabilities, and reusable codes.

Comparing React with TypeScript and JavaScript:

  • JavaScript Advantages: Familiarity, flexibility, extensive ecosystem.
  • TypeScript Advantages: Type safety, tooling & IDE support, scalability.
  • Performance: TypeScript has a faster performance due to static typing and virtual DOM.
  • Popularity: JavaScript is more popular but TypeScript has gained significant traction.
  • Speed: JavaScript is more universal, while TypeScript requires a TypeScript-aware environment.

React Code and File type in TypeScript vs. JavaScript

  • TypeScript files have extensions .ts or .tsx and offer static typing and type checking.
  • JavaScript files have extensions .js or .jsx and are dynamically typed without built-in static type checking.


  • TypeScript has a moderate learning curve, adds complexity but offers excellent tooling support.
  • JavaScript has a lower learning curve, simpler setup but may lead to more runtime errors.

Reasons for Using TypeScript or JavaScript with React

  • TypeScript offers improved IDE support, type safety, easier collaboration, better performance, and improved code quality.
  • JavaScript integrates seamlessly with React, offers a rich ecosystem, strong community support, and enhanced user experience.

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